Applying design thinking to create ground
breaking solutions
We build unique products using innovative
We help you scale up innovative products
to establish sustainable businesses

About Apton Works

We are the world leaders in full-cycle innovation, providing services and solutions at every phase of the innovation cycle
At AptonWorks we Educate, Ideate, Innovate and Operate to support you in creating innovative and scalable products.

Apton Works Services


We provide learning models and coursework on ideation, development and operation processes to innovate and build scalable, product-based businesses.


We apply design-oriented thinking to generate ideas, leading us to co-create innovative solutions and build an amazing experience for your product.


We develop unique, value-added products with innovative and cutting-edge technology utilizing the latest advances in application development, AI, blockchain and other emerging technologies.


We help you adapt a disciplined, cost-conscious approach to manage SaaS and consumer app businesses, run them on the cloud and scale up seamlessly while staying compliant with regulations.

Apton Works Solutions


Online learning portal for full-cycle innovation - starting from ideation, to product innovation and building scalable and sustainable business operations.

Business Management

Use our innovative business management solutions to manage, operate, and scale up your business with ease.

Apton Works Technology

App Development

End-to-end design, development and deployment of applications using cutting-edge technology and advanced functionalities.

Blockchain Technology

Building decentralized blockchain applications with end-to-end development of cryptocurrency, smart contracts, trading systems and wallets.

Cloud Computing

Cloud computing services with cloud migration, monitoring and DevOps for businesses.

Data analytics

Design and development of information systems for data engineering and analytics and providing data as a service.